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is a company that has emerged among the number one Cryptocurrency company in the industry. Successfully, we have made an impact in the industry, as we have been rated among the best, right from our inception, on different basis.

Our goal is to make Trading truly accessible to everyone regardless of investment size, technical background or experience in cryptocurrencies.

Our customer service support care has no equals as our team of customer care services are always ready to ensure that our clients are satisfied to the latter.

The best part of our business is meeting people like you that are pushing their trading strategy to a new level. People that aren’t afraid to explore new fields and new markets.

People that are thinking ahead to maximize their profit and the security of their funds. People that are providing a service. And, more recently, people that have been made redundant, and are starting their own businesses.

Trade With Passion

bithubber is at your service with its user-friendly features, secure infrastructure and applications that make a difference.

Meet The CEO - Morgan Finch

Finch has been a driving force in the management and development of the bithubber organization. With executive roles as Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Operations Officer, and President, he helped steer the company through a prolonged period of triple-digit growth running up to its earlier stages, investor strategy making & team construction. He has extensive experience in growing and managing regulated businesses. He has held senior, including C-Suite level, management positions across a number of sectors including banking, insurance and finance.

Why bithubber?

Bithubber was founded by a team of professional traders with the help of investors. The owners of the company have extensive experience in Forex, stocks, cryptocurrency, options and CFDs markets as traders and dealers. We have gained our experience by working in managerial positions with the largest brokers, who are now our major competitors. Even though we are not a company of a big size, we are big enough to always meet our customers’ demand on time, and small enough to provide unique products and services in the industry.


As traders we know by experience exactly what our clients deserve. Providing services and trading at the financial markets is all we do.


Our forecast engine is integrated into our trading bot and was originally based on statistical analysis and scientific research of the cryptocurrency market data and trade patterns.

Company Certification
Nr.:11122233344; Verify

bithubber Global Ltd is a certificated & registered finance company that started its work in July 2017 in the United Kingdom.